Remaining balanced through life's storms

Yoga practice is just that, a PRACTICE. It transforms the body physically through challenging muscle groups to hold yoga poses, & stretching muscles increasing the flexibility of the muscles of our bodies. This is great all in it's own right, but beyond the mat and the studio, or even in the living room, the PRACTICE begins to transform daily life.

When I began yoga, it was all about wanting to touch my toes, and move into some crazy, impossible looking pose. But, through my practice, I began to realize it isn't going to happen immediately. It is a process. So either I give up or keep striving. And so, I kept striving and the physical changes, became less important than what was happening in my daily life.

Of course the poses come easier, my strength is increased, my balance is improved along with my flexibility, AND I am able to do the once sought after pose I was so intrigued with. But more important, I am calmer. Things that would normally set me off into some crazy tangent, no longer bother me. Of course, I am not oblivious, in some blissed out meditative state, I am just able to stay the course, Keep my 'Balance' if you will. The practice of staying the course on my yoga mat began to show up in my daily life. What an amazing blessing... and all because I wanted to achieve crow pose!

Before you go, close your eyes and mentally affirm 'At the center of life's storms, I stand serene'.

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